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J-C St Louis

Dog Obedience Training in Calgary

There are certain things every dog owner NEEDS to know before ever hiring a dog trainer.

Make sure that the trainer has ACTUAL knowledge of a variety of proper training methods and techniques. Ensure that the trainer has ACTUALLY competed and achieved varied dog titles and certifications.


"J-C" is a former Calgary Police K-9 Handler and Breeding Coordinator. He is a full time behavioral consultant with 40 years experience specializing in one-on-one, in-home and in-kennel training and assessments.  He also receives referrals from numerous Calgary and area veterinarians.  


Here is some helpful information to distinguish a genuine canine behaviourist and obedience trainer.


Did you know that most dog trainers have not even put a single official training title on a dog?

Did you know that anyone can get dog training certification through Readers Digest?

Did you know that David Mech the worlds leading authority on wolf behaviour has pointed out that not only has "alpha wolf" terminology been abandoned by leading biologists, but also does not accurately describe social relationships in wolves? He and his fellow biologists know wolf social behaviour is based primarily on cooperation and avoidance of conflict rather than confrontational, aggressive interactions. - Dr. S Hetts

Here's a list of official titles placed on dogs. 

CaJi's Kato: Hiking Certificate

Baron Vom Ziel: SchH I

Xira Vonder Abfhur: SchH I

Schwartz Entschlossenheit: A.D., V.B. SchH I, SchH II, T.D

Calgary's Own Kas: SchH I, SchH II, SchH III, T.D.

P.S.D Carlo: P.S.D. 1, DPO 1, DPO 2, SchH I, SchH II, SchH III, A.D., V.B.
Carlo received all these titles before 3 years of age.

So before you hire a dog obedience trainer in Calgary, don't be afraid to ask for proof of certifications, qualifications and actual dog training experience. You and your best friend will be thankful for it.

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