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"Your Leading Expert on Dog Behaviour"

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Aggression Specialist
Full Time Consultant with over 40 Years Experience
Referred by Veterinarians
Private One-on-One Training
Assessment and Consulting
Former Calgary Police K-9 Handler and Breeding Coordinator

(403) 226-0769

Common Problems

Crazy at the door
Jumping up
Excessive barking
Pulling on leash
No recall
Counter surfing
House training
Separation anxiety
Resource Guarding
Stealing items

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Over 40 years

of experience

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Referred by Calgary and Area Veterinary Clinics


Court Certified Expert:

Court of Queens Bench

Provincial Court

Traffic Court

Family and Youth Court

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I have personally helped over 5000 misunderstood dogs and their confused owners



"J-C" St-Louis - Professional

Dog Training in Calgary

If you are looking for help training your dog in Calgary. If you are looking for a dog trainer who has actually been training dogs in Calgary, hands-on for over 40 years, unlike your johnny come lately, flavor of the month, franchise, internet or TV trained newcomer, then I am the full-time professional trainer you need.


I have personally helped thousands of misunderstood dogs and their confused owners. From the small companion pet dog to the more advanced security/police dog problems. I have the practical and theoretical knowledge to help them all. I use training methods for both dogs and their humans based on established scientific knowledge, not popular opinion.


If you are looking for a trainer with the most years of experience and proven results training dogs in Calgary, then contact me today.


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"I just wanted to thank you for your work. You came to see us in Bragg Creek last summer. Our 2 Australian Shepherds were fighting a lot. We didn't believe in a dog's behaviourist and it was kind of the last thing we wanted to try before we would find a new home for one of our dogs.

We never had any fights or any issues since you came. That was amazing! We will never thank you enough for that!"

Philippe and Muriel

"Hallelujah! Thank goodness for J-C St. Louis. In attempt to resolve my Dogs aggressive behaviour, we finally found J-C, who was able to assess and help her. The improvements were almost instantaneous. After spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours with other "Trainers" and "Dog Psychologists", J-C has been the only one to meet the problem  head-on and get her back to the pack (an impossibility until now). I would highly recommend J-C to others experiencing similar problems."

Phil and Annie

Meet our Staff

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