Aggression Specialist

Full Time Consultant with over 40 Years Experience

Referred by Veterinarians

Private One-on-One In Home Training

Assessment and Consulting

Former Calgary Police K-9 Handler and Breeding Coordinator

(403) 226-0769


Common Problems:

Crazy at the door
Jumping up
Excessive barking
Pulling on leash
No recall
Counter surfing
House training
Separation anxiety
Resource Guarding
Stealing items

J-C St Louis - Professional

Dog Training in Calgary

If you are looking for help training your dog in Calgary. If you are looking for a dog trainer who has actually been training dogs in Calgary, hands-on for over 40 years, unlike your johnny come lately, flavor of the month, franchise, internet or TV trained newcomer, then I am the full-time professional trainer you need.


I have personally helped thousands of misunderstood dogs and their confused owners. From the small companion pet dog to the more advanced security/police dog problems. I have the practical and theoretical knowledge to help them all. I use training methods for both dogs and their humans based on established scientific knowledge, not popular opinion.


If you are looking for a trainer with the most years of experience and proven results training dogs in Calgary, then contact me today.


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